This article is about a village in Norway. For the ammunition, see Raufoss Mk 211.
Raufoss church

Raufoss is the municipal centre of Vestre Toten, a municipality in the county of Oppland, Norway, 10 kilometers south of the larger town Gjøvik. It has approximately 7,000 inhabitants. The largest employer is what was earlier Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker, now split into several sub companies. These include Nammo, Hydro Aluminium and Raufoss Technology. The community has an active sports community pivoting around the sports club Raufoss I.L. where the football team has been the most prominent part of the club. Raufoss Fotball currently plays in Norwegian 1st division. In addition to sports, Raufoss have an active music community which has fostered such musicians as Ronni Le Tekrø of rock band TNT (band).

Raufoss railroad station

Raufoss is also one of the stops on Gjøvikbanen, the second to last stop. The station also has a local bus service.

The name

The village is named after a waterfall in the river Hunnselva. The first element is raud ("red"), and the last element is foss ("waterfall"). (The color red indicates traces of iron in the river bed.)

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Coordinates: 60°43′N 10°37′E / 60.717°N 10.617°E / 60.717; 10.617

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