Ranulf I of Aquitaine

Ranulf I (also Ramnulf, Rannulf, and Ranulph) (820–866) was a Count of Poitiers (from 835) and Duke of Aquitaine (from 852). He is considered a possible son of Gerard, Count of Auvergne, and Hildegard (or Matilda) [more likely Rotrude, see Gerard, Count of Auvergne and Louis the Pious], daughter of Louis the Pious and Ermengard. Few details are known about Ranulf I, except that he died in 866 in Aquitaine from wounds received in the Battle of Brissarthe against the Vikings (in which Robert the Strong also died).

Marriage and issue

He married Bilichild of Maine and they had the following:

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Duke of Aquitaine
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