Ramachandra Deva

Ramachandra Deva (Ramachandrayya Deva) was a Kannada poet, writer and playwright[1] who wrote many dramas. He translated William Shakespeare's Hamlet and Macbeth to Kannada in the 1970s.[2] Born in Mundugari village of Sullia taluk in 1949, Ramachandra Deva did his schooling in Kalmadka, Balila, Panja and Puttur and BA and MA from Mysore university. Bangalore university has awarded him Ph.D for his comparative analysis of Shakespeare translations. Worked as English lecturer in Milagres college Kalyanapura, Banumaiah college, Mysore and national college Bangalore. Served as librarian for the American library of congress. Went on to work as sub editor for Prajavani, head of printers' prakashana and a farmer. Rama Chandra deva was a poet,short story writer,translator,playwright and critic. His works include indraprastha, mathaduva mara, samagra kavya(poetry), dangeya prakarana, moogela mattu itara kathegalu(stories), Shakespeare yeradu samskrutigalalli(research work), mucchu mathu itara lekhanagalu, matukate (collection of articles), and plays like kudure banthu kudure, kolalu mattu shankha, kalemba kambavu etc. Ramachandra Deva died on 11 September 2013 at Bangalore.


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