Ralph Ogle, 3rd Baron Ogle

Ralph Ogle, 3rd Baron Ogle (1468-1512) was an English Baron from Northumberland, England.

Family Origins

Ralph Ogle was born on 7 November 1468 in Bothal, Northumberland, the son of Owen Ogle, 2nd Baron Ogle (1440–1486) and Eleanor Hilton.


In 1503 Ralph was charged with escorting Princess Margaret Tudor on her way to her marriage with James IV King of Scots.

He was summoned to parliament from 17 October 1509 to 29 November 1511.[1]

Marriage and Family

Ralph married Margaret Gascoigne, daughter of Sir William Gascoigne and Margaret Percy,[2] daughter of Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland. Ralph and Margaret had at least six children:

He died on 16 January 1512 in Morpeth, Northumberland and there is a tomb to him and Margaret, who is also said to have died in 1512, in St Andrew's church, Bothal, Northumberland.


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