Rajopadhyaya (Nepali: राजोपाध्याय)is one of the top most Bramhan from Nepalese Caste System in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Rajopadhyay established Newar society in Nepal even country's name was before called Nepaa later khas kingdom changed nepaa to nepal orinal is called Nepaa.


The most common religion of people with this surname is Shaiva Hinduism. Being a Bramhin caste, Rajopadhyaya is regarded as one of the high class castes in Hindu religion. They are the priests of most of the temples in the Kathmandu Valley.Rajopadhyaya are priests of most of the temples in the valley, to mention few of the most popular ones Kumbhewshwor Mahadev,:Pashupati Temple ( Kathmandu durbar square, Makhan) Changu Narayan, Ichangu Narayan, Bishankhu Narayan, Shes Narayan, Taleju Bhawani, Nyatapola (Siddhilaxmi Temple), Only the Rajopadhyaya and Chathariya jats of Newars are said to belong to gotras.

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