Rajah Sulaiman I

This name uses Philippine naming customs for indigenous people. There is no family name, but the sole name is Sulaiman, and the title is Rajah.
Rajah Salalila
Rajah (King) of Tondo and Maynila

An Artistic Depiction of Rajah Salalila and his consort on Boxer Codex.
Reign 1515–1558
Predecessor Dayang Kalangitan
Successor Rajah Sulaiman II (Maynila)
Rajah Lakan Dula (Tondo)
Spouse Princess Ysmeria
House Kingdom of Tondo
Religion Sunni Islam

Sulaiman I (ca. 1400–1558, from Arabic: sulaiman سليمان; also known as Salalila from the Sanskrit syarirah शरीर), was a Rajah of the Kingdom of Tondo. A son of Dayang Kalangitan and Rajah Lontok, he converted to Islam from animism due to the missionary efforts of the Sultanate of Brunei.

Sulaiman I succeeded by his sons Rajah Matanda, who became king of Maynila, and Lakan Dula who became King of Tondo.

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    Regnal titles
    Preceded by
    Dayang Kalangitan
    Rajah of Tondo and Maynila
    Succeeded by
    Rajah Sulaiman II of Maynila and Rajah Lakan Dula of Tondo
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