Railroad nicknames

The initials used to identify railroad and railway lines have often been used for humorous, disparaging or slanderous names. In a related category, portmanteaus, such as Amtrak, have also been lampooned.

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Railroad Locale Common abbreviation(s) Nickname(s)
Amtrak United States AMTK Amcrash[1][2][3][4]


Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Eastern and Midwestern United States B&O Beefsteak and Onions[2][3]

Best and Only

Beets and Onions

Body Odor

BNSF Railway Western United States BNSF Buy Now, Sell Fast[2]
Bye Now, Santa Fe[3]
Big New Santa Fe[3]
Been Nothing Since Frisco[3]
Buy Norfolk Southern First[3]
Better Not Send Freight[2]
Bigger Name Same Fine Railroad[4]
Boston and Maine Railroad Northeastern United States B&M Busted and Mangled[3][4]
Busted & Mined[4]
Broken & Maimed[4]
Bankrupt & Moribund[4]
Buffalo and South Western Railroad Northeast United States B&SW Brandy and Soda Water[6]
Burlington Northern Railroad Northwestern United States BN Big Nothing[2][3][4]
Canadian National Railway Canada, Midwestern United States CN, CNR, CNRy Certainly No Rush[4]
Crash National[4]
Canadian Pacific Railway Canada, Midwestern United States CP Can't Please[4]
Chinese Pacific[4]
Sleepy Rail
CP Fail
Chicago and North Western Railway Midwest United States C&NW, C&NWRR Cheap and Nothing Wasted[2][3][4]
Cheap & No Wages[4]
Can't and Never Will[2][3][4]
Can't and Never Will Run Right[4]
Cardboard & No Wheels[4]
Carrier to No Where[4]
Chicago & No Where[4]
Chicago & Norweigians[4]
Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad Midwestern United States CBQ, CB&Q Cheapest, Best & Quickest[4]
Crash, Bang & Quake[4]
Cuss The Boss & Quit[4]
The Q[4]
Chicago Great Western Railroad Midwest United States CGW Great Weedy[2][3][4]
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Midwestern United States, Northwestern United States MILW, CMStP&P, CMSPP The Milwaukee Road[4]
Christ, Mary, St. Paul and St. Peter[4]
C'mon Stop Praying and Push[4]
Cheapest, Meanest & Slowest to Pay[4]
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Midwestern United States CRI&P, RI, ROCK The Rock[4]
Rockin Eye[4]
Pet Rock[4]
Rotten Island[4]
Wreck Island[4]
Cri N Pee[4]
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad Ohio CH&D Charge High and Damn Rough Ride[7]
Copper River and Northwestern Railway Alaska, United States CR&NW Can't Run and Never Will[3]
CSX Transportation Eastern United States CSX
Chicken Shit eXpress[2]
Conrail's Southern Xtension[4]
Crash Spill eXplode
Chessie's Still Xperimenting[2][4]
Crash Smash eXplode[4]
Crash Smash eXpress
Chemical Spill eXperts[8]
Delaware and Northern Railroad Northeastern United States / New York D&N Damn Nuisance
Delaware and Hudson Railway New York, Pennsylvania D&H Delay and Hesitate[2][3][4]
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Hoboken to Buffalo DL&W Delay, Linger and Wait[3][4]
Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway Midwestern United States EJ&E Egypt, Jerusalem & Elsewhere[2][3][4]
Easy Jobs for Everyone[2][3][4]
Erie Lackawanna Railway Eastern United States EL Erie Lack-o-Money[2]
Gateway Western Railway Missouri and Illinois GWWR Great Wobbly Wobbly[4]
Green Bay and Western Railroad Wisconsin GB&W Grab Bags and Walk[9]
Guilford Rail System Northeastern United States GRS Guilford Fail System[10]
The Big G[11]
Halifax and Southwestern Railway Southern Nova Scotia H&SW Hellish, Slow and Wobbly[12]
Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad Northeastern United States HT&W Hoot Toot and Whistle[13]
Illinois Central Railroad Midwestern United States IC, ICRR I Can't Run Railroads[4]
Illinois Central Gulf Railroad Midwestern United States ICG I Can't Go[4]
Kansas City Southern Railroad Midwestern and Southern United States KCS The Haywire[3][4]
Kingston and Pembroke Railway Eastern Ontario K&P Kick and Push[14]
London and Port Stanley Railway Ontario, Canada L&PS Liver and Pork Steak[2]
Louisville and Nashville Railroad Southern United States L&N Long and Narrow[2][3][4]
The Old Reliable[3]
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority New England MBTA Mucho Bad Transit Attitude[15]
Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway Midwest M&StL Misery and Short Life[16]
Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas MKT the Katy[17]
Missouri Pacific Railroad Western United States MP The Mop[2][3][4]
Montana Rail Link Western United States MRL Milwaukee Road Lives[4]
Monkeys Running Loose[3][4]
Norfolk Southern Railway Eastern United States NS The Thoroughbred[4]
New Southern[3][4]
Nomore Steam[2][4]
No Service[4]
Nazi Southern[2]
New York, Ontario and Western Railway New England, United States O&W Old and Weary[2][3][4]
the Old Woman[2][3][4]
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York NYS&W Now You Sit and Wait[3][4]
The Susie Q[18]
Pacific Great Eastern Railway British Columbia PGE Prince George Eventually[4]
Please Go Easy[4]
Province's Greatest Expense[4]
Past God's Endurance[4]
Penn Central Eastern US PC Penniless Central[8]
Penn Centless[8]
Pennsylvania Railroad Eastern and Midwestern US PRR Pennsy
Pussie Rail Road[19]
The Big Red Subway[20]
Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad Bucks and Montgomery County PA PN Peener
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad Midwestern United States PFW&C Paddy Finnigan's Wife and Children[6]
Pontiac Pacific Junction Railway Quebec, Canada PP&J Push, Pull and Jerk[21]
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Virginia, United States RF&P Rich Folks and Pedigrees[2][3][4]
Run Fast and Push[2][3][4]
St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Midwestern and Southern United States SLSF The Frisco[3][6]
Seaboard System Railroad Eastern United States SBD Slowly Breaking Down[3][4]
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Eastern United States SEPTA Society for the Elimination of Public Transit Altogether[2][3][4]
Southern Pacific Railroad Southwest United States SP The Friendly Southern Pacific[22]
Suffering Pathetic[2][3][4]
Slow Poke[4]
Southern Pacific Santa Fe Railroad Southwest United States (proposed) SPSF Shouldn't Paint So Fast[2][3][4]
Staten Island Rapid Transit Eastern United States SIRT Shall I Run Today?[4]
Sumpter Valley Railway Oregon, United States SV Stump Dodger[23][24]

Polygamy Central[23]

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada TH&B Tramps, Hobos & Bums[3][4]
To Hell & Back[3][4]
Ulster and Delaware Railroad Northeastern United States / New York U&D Up and Down
Union Pacific Railroad Western United States UP Under Powered[3][4]
Unlimited Parking[2][3][4]
Uncle Pete[2][3][4]
Union Pathetic[2][4]
Utterly Pathetic[4]
Onion Pacific[4]
Ewe Pee[8]

Unbelievable Pigs

Western Pacific Railroad Western United States WP (The) Wobbly[2][3][4]
White Pass and Yukon Route Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia WP&YR Wait Patiently, and You'll Ride[2][4]
Wisconsin Central Wisconsin WC Whiskey Central[4]
We Could Wreck[4]
Wrecking Central[4]

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