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Rafael Azcona Fernández (24 October 1926 – 24 March 2008) was an awarded Spanish screenwriter and novelist who has worked with some of the best Spanish and international filmmakers. Azcona won five Goya Awards during his career, including a lifetime achievement award in 1998.[1]

He was born in the northern Spanish city Logroño on 24 October 1926.[1] Azcona initially began his career writing for humor magazines.[1] He became known as a screenwriter when he penned the screenplay for the film, El Pisito (The Little Apartment), which was based on his own novel.[1] The 1959 film was directed by Italian film director, Marco Ferreri.[1]

Azcona teamed up with director Fernando Trueba in “Belle Époque,” which won an Academy Award for best foreign film in 1994.[1] He collaborated with other Spanish directors including Luis Garcia Berlanga, Jose Luis Cuerda, Jose Luis Garcia Sanchez, Pedro Olea, and Carlos Saura.[1] Azcona was also awarded the Spanish Fine Arts Gold Medal in 1994.[1]

Rafael Azcona died at his home in Madrid, Spain, on 24 March 2008, at the age of 81.[1]

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Rafael Azcona was survived by his wife Susan Youdelman and his two children, Daniel and Barbara Azcona.

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