Radu IV the Great

Radu IV the Great
Prince of Wallachia

Radu IV the Great and his wife, Catalina Crnojević of Zeta
Reign 1495–1508
Born 1462
Died 1508 (aged 4546)
Issue Radu of Afumați
Mircea the Shepherd
Radu Paisie
Radu Bădica
House Drăculești
Father Vlad Călugărul
Mother Rada-Smaranda

Radu IV the Great (Romanian: Radu cel Mare) was a Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia from September 1495 to April 1508. He succeeded his father, Vlad Călugărul, who was one of the three brothers to Vlad III the Impaler (Romanian: Vlad Țepeș). He was married to Princess Catalina Crnojević of Zeta, and was succeeded by his first cousin Mihnea cel Rău, son to his uncle Vlad Țepeș.

Preceded by
Vlad Călugărul
Prince of Wallachia
Succeeded by
Mihnea cel Rău

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