Chrodbert I (bishop of Tours)

Chrodebert I (Chrotbert, Radobertus, Robert I) (died 695), Référendaire of France and Bishop of Tours (as Chrotbert, 660-695), son of Charibert de Haspengau and his wife Wulfgurd, and therefore grandson of Charibert I, Merovingian King of Paris. Robert and his brothers Erlebert and Aldebert were the ancestors of the Robertians.

Robert began his career as Référendaire to Dagobert I, the last king of the Merovingian dynasty to actually wield power, and his son Clovis II. He was the Mayor of the Palace of Burgundy (as Radobertus) from 642-662) and possibly that of Neustria during the interregnum of Ebroin. He may have been Bishop of Paris, but there is little evidence to support that.

Robert was married possibly to Glismoda of Bavaria, parentage unknown. They had two children:

Lambert is the father of Robert II, Lord Chancellor of France, although some histories attribute the fatherhood of Robert II to Robert’s brother Erlebert.


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