Radio Revolt

Radio Revolt
City Singsakerbakken 2E
7030 Trondheim
Broadcast area 130 000
Slogan "Studentradioen i Trondheim"
Frequency 100 MHz, 106.2 MHz
First air date 2008 (1984)
Owner Mediastud

Radio Revolt (formerly known as Studentradion i Trondheim), is the student radio in Trondheim, Norway. It airs 55 hours a week on 100 and 106,2 FM, and 24 hours a day on the internet. It employs about 80 students on a voluntary basis. The radio is a part of the Student Society in Trondheim, and is so a part of the running of the house.[1]


Radio Revolt was founded in 1984, as a local station for The Student Society. At that time the radio station featured a staff of eight persons. Since then, it has had an increasing growth during its (by 2010) 26 years of existence. The name Radio Revolt was decided in the autumn of 2008, preceding the 24/7 concession it started covering by the turn of 2009.[1][2]


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  2. In 2010 Radio Revolt lost their 24/7 broadcast permission and is now airing 55 hours a week on FM 100 and 106,2. It airs the whole day and night at

Coordinates: 63°25′20″N 10°24′00″E / 63.4223°N 10.4000°E / 63.4223; 10.4000

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