Radio Programas del Perú

Radio Programas del Perú
City Lima, Peru
Broadcast area Peru
Slogan (English) RPP News, the voice of Peru. (Spanish) RPP Noticias, la voz del Perú.
(English) RPP Noticias, reporting first. (Spanish) RPP Noticias, te informa primero.
Frequency 730 KHz 89.7 MHz
First air date October 7, 1963 (1963-10-07)
Format Commercial radio
Language(s) Spanish
Former frequencies 985 KHz
Owner Grupo RPP

Radio Programas del Peru (RPP) is a radio and television broadcasting company in Peru within the Grupo RPP formed in Lima in 1963 by Manuel Delgado Parker and Emilio Checa. Originally an entertainment station focusing on radio dramas, it switched to news radio format in 1978. In 1997, the network changed its identification symbol to RPP, the initials of its name. RPP has the largest radio coverage in Peru, covering 97 percent of the country.[1] RPP can be heard in real time on the Internet and can be seen on cable television through Movistar TV on the RPP News channel, launched on January 31, 2011.[2]

Internet station

The RPP website was launched in late 1996 by the initiative of Frida Delgado, who created the Internet site. In 2000, RPP implemented a technical and journalistic team of Miro Quesada and Francisco Elias Barrientos, whose informative and commercial approach would make it one of the most viewed sites of Peru with their innovative dissemination of news on the Internet. Currently these functions are vested in John Taylor and Mark Paredes.

Other stations

Radio Programas del Peru currently has developed into the RPP Group, which has 6 music radio stations, each focusing on a specific genre or period: Studio 92, La Mega, Radio Felicidad ((English) Radio Happiness), 102.1 Oxígeno ((English) Oxygen), Capital Radio and the station on line: Corazón ((English) Heart). The company currently employs over 1000 people spread across all regions of Peru.


It started as a block of Plus TV (from Movistar TV) since 2005. It broadcast from 5:00 to 10:00. From January 31, 2011 it became a new channel.



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