Radio Nikkei

Radio Nikkei (ラジオNIKKEI Rajio Nikkei) is Japan's nationwide free-to-air shortwave commercial radio station. It started broadcast on August 27, 1954. Radio Nikkei 2 started broadcast on September 2, 1963.

Radio Nikkei's headquarters are located at Kotohira Tower, 2-8 Toranomon 1-chōme, Minato, Tokyo. Its headquarters was previously at 9-15 Akasaka 1-chōme, Minato, Tokyo.


It is operated by Nikkei Radio Broadcasting Corporation (株式会社日経ラジオ社 Kabushiki-gaisha Nikkei Rajio-sha), whose main share is held by Nihon Keizai Shimbun and Tokyo Stock Exchange. The headquarters and the main studio are located at Kotohira Tower at Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo. It also has its branch office in Ōtemae, Chūō-ku, Osaka.

Along with the headquarters' studio, the studios in Tokyo are inside the Tokyo Stock Exchange and two other public satellite studios. In Osaka, it also has studios in the branch office and a satellite studio.

Besides its shortwave coverage Radio Nikkei is also available on mobile phones and online through Radiko.


The language is almost exclusively in Japanese except an English language learning programme.

The station features the following four genres as the core of its programming: finance, JRA horse racing (weekends), health-medical, and culture.

Radio Nikkei 1 is for general programs and eastern Japan horse-racing coverage. Radio Nikkei 2 is for live company stock price announcement and western Japan horse-racing coverage. Radio Nikkei 2's programming on weekdays is named RN2 which is aimed for businesspersons at their 30s and 40s with music programs.

Although Radio Nikkei is a member of Nikkei Media Group, its programming does not have a strong connection with the group's television networks, TXN and Nikkei CNBC.

Frequencies, beam, modulation and hours

From its transmitting stations in Nagara, Chiba and Nemuro, Hokkaidō, it transmits on the following frequencies, power and call signs.

The horizontal dipole antennas radiate towards the northeast and the southwest direction, which would cover the Japanese archipelago.

As of June 2007, its shortwave transmissions are in an ordinary amplitude modulation: double sideband full carrier (A3E).

Radio Nikkei 1 begins at 05:40 in Japan Standard Time (JST), 20:40 (the day before) in the UTC and ends at 22:30JST=13:30UTC (Mondays to Thursdays), 23:30JST=14:30UTC (Fridays), 23:15JST=14:15UTC (Saturdays) and 21:00JST=12:00UTC (Sundays).

Radio Nikkei 2 begins at 08:00JST=23:00UTC and ends at 16:30JST=07:30UTC (Mondays to Fridays), 18:00=09:00UTC (Saturdays and Sundays).

The schedule changes subject to program availability.


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