Radio Navigational Aids

Radio Navigational Aids

The front cover of Radio Navigational Aids.
Purpose: Detailed list of worldwide radio stations offering marine service.
Publication Frequency: Yearly
Published by: National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
Available Online: Yes NGA Website
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The Radio Navigational Aids (Publication 117) publication contains a detailed list of selected worldwide radio stations that provide services to the mariner.[1] The publication is divided into chapters according to the nature of the service provided by the radio stations.[1] The services include Radio direction finder and Radar Stations; stations broadcasting navigational warnings, time signals or medical advice; communication traffic for distress, emergency and safety including the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) and long range navigational aids.[1] It also contains chapters describing procedures of the AMVER System, and the interim emergency procedures and communication instructions to be followed by U.S merchant vessels in times of crisis.[1] A new edition of Publication 117 is published annually.[1] This publication is available in its entirety on the website and there are also database queries available for much of the data contained within.[1]


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