The Freeze

For the peace organisation, see Peace Action. For the Spandau Ballet song of this title, see Journeys to Glory. For the Scottish band, see The Freeze (Scottish band).
The Freeze

The Freeze, circa 1980
Background information
Origin Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Genres Hardcore punk
Punk rock
Years active 1978present
Labels Modern Method, Taang!, Lost And Found(DE), Doctor Strange, Schitzophrenic, Beer City, Gummopunx Records!,
Members Clif Hanger
D.B.- Guitar
Zach Carmichael - Guitar
Molusk - Bass
Aaron Hjalmarson - Drums
Past members Joe Koonz
Ron ("HeXe") Cormier
Kevin Vicha
Rob 'Da Cradle" Rosenthal

The Freeze are a punk rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts formed by a group of teenagers in 1978.[1][2] They released the first single, "I Hate Tourists" in 1980 and are best known for contributing the title track to the 1982 hardcore punk compilation This Is Boston, Not L.A.

The band is known for their dark lyrics, original punk rock melodies, and their longevity. A lot of their early lyrics deal with alienation, drug-use/abuse and paranoia (especially of the government and especially of the Reagan-Bush years). A constant theme or thread regarding apathetic observers or people willing to give up their freedoms for fear of losing their "security" is also apparent in their work.


The Freeze's first release was the "I Hate Tourists" / "Don't forget me Tommy" single, released in 1980. The Freeze's music was picked by Newbury Comics' in-house label, Modern Method Records, which released several of the Freeze's songs on the Boston hardhcore compilations "Unsafe at Any Speed" and This Is Boston, Not L.A. in 1982. The Freeze's title track for that album was used in a television commercial for Newbury Comics on local UHF music video station V66 with the song's penultimate word bleeped out.

The 1983 album Land of the Lost and 1985's "Rabid Reaction" followed before Modern Method folded, and the group was picked up by Tanng! Records for their 1991 album, Misery Loves Company. They continued to perform and record Their 1999 album, One False Move, featured cover fellow Cape Cod artist and author Edward Gorey.


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Band founder, songwriter, and vocalist Clif "Hanger" Croce is the only member that has been in every incarnation of the band which has seen many line-up changes in its past.

Current members

Former members

  • Johnny Baxter – Drums
  • Rob (DeCradle) Rosenthal – Guitar
  • Pat Leonard – Bass
  • Pat Brady – Drums
  • Paul Delano – Guitar
  • Scott Moulaison – Drums, Vocals
  • Steve Wood – Guitar
  • Rick Andrews – Bass
  • Marc Thalasitas – Guitar, Vocals
  • Daniella Thalasitas – Bass
  • Craig Adams – Bass
  • Eric Short – Guitar
  • Joe Koonz – Guitar and Vocals
  • Ronald Cormier – Guitar
  • Kevin Vicha ("Kev") – Drums
  • Lou "Chip" Cataldo-Drums
  • Walter Gustafson-Drums
  • Chuck Stilphen – Guitar
  • Zackory Carmichael – Bass
  • Mark Leonard – Bass
  • Chris Barone – Drums
  • Anthony Pizzo – Guitar
  • Patrick "Swedish" Souza - Drums
  • Slade Anderson – Guitar
  • John - Guitar
  • Molusk - Bass Guitar
  • Jason Stone - Drums
  • Joshy Wastrel – Guitar, Vocals
  • Gizz Lazlo - Drums, Vocals
  • David Diamond
  • Arvin Mani - Bass
  • Frank Anderson - Drums
  • Kevin Bonelli - Bass, Guitar
  • Jordan Balmiz - Avid Fan
  • Anthony Barbaria - Drums


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