R683 road (Ireland)

The R683 road is a regional road in Ireland. Located in the south of Ireland at Waterford, it connects the city to the village of Passage East, County Waterford and to County Wexford via a car ferry connection, which operates across the Waterford estuary between Passage East and the village of Ballyhack, County Wexford.

The route begins at The Mall in Waterford City and runs via Lombard St., William St., Newtown Rd., Dunmore Rd., in the city, and Halfway House Bridge and Cowsheen Bridge in County Waterford. It terminates at River Road in Passage East.

The section between Waterford city and the junction with the R684 at Blenheim Cross is known as the Dunmore Rd. From this point on, the R684 is considered to be the continuation of the Dunmore Rd. as far as the village of Dunmore East.

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