R. F. Joyce Observatory

R. F. Joyce Observatory
Location Bells Road, West Melton, Christchurch, New Zealand
Coordinates 43°29′53″S 172°21′02″E / 43.4981°S 172.3505°E / -43.4981; 172.3505Coordinates: 43°29′53″S 172°21′02″E / 43.4981°S 172.3505°E / -43.4981; 172.3505
Website http://www.cas.org.nz/

R. F. Joyce Observatory is the home observatory of the Canterbury Astronomical Society (CAS) and is situated near West Melton, Christchurch, New Zealand.

The observatory is the result of the bequest of R. F. Joyce, a founding member and former President of the CAS.

The primary instruments in use are a 14.5" Cassegrain telescope, a 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain, a 16" folded Newtonian and a 5" refractor (on loan from Carter Observatory).

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