R-15 (novel series)


Cover of the first light novel
Genre Romantic comedy, Harem
Light novel
Written by Hiroyuki Fushimi
Illustrated by Takuya Fujima
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Male
Imprint Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko
Magazine The Sneaker
Original run July 1, 2009August 1, 2012
Volumes 11
Written by Hiroyuki Fushimi
Illustrated by Hayato Ōhashi
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Shōnen Ace
Original run June 2010January 2012
Volumes 4
Anime television series
Directed by Munenori Nawa
Written by Sumio Uetake
Music by Yuichi Nonaka
Studio AIC
Network TV Kanagawa, Sun TV, Teletama, Chiba TV, Gifu Hoso, Tokyo MX, Mie TV, AT-X
Original run July 10, 2011 September 25, 2011
Episodes 12
R-15 Portable
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Genre Visual novel
Platform PlayStation Portable
Released October 27, 2011

R-15 (あーるじゅうご Āru Jūgo) is a Japanese light novel series written by Hiroyuki Fushimi and illustrated by Takuya Fujima. The first volume was published by Kadokawa Shoten in July 2009 and eight volumes have been released as of July 2011. A manga adaptation illustrated by Hayato Ōhashi started serialization in the June 2010 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine. An anime TV series adaptation began airing in Japan in July 2011.


R-15 is about a boy, Taketo Akutagawa, who attends a school for geniuses: Inspiration Academy Private High School. Taketo is a genius novelist and writes erotica. Despite negative perceptions many people have of him, he aims to be at the top of his class and be recognized as the world's greatest writer.


In this series, most of the names of the characters have some connection to that particular characters' field of interest.

Taketo Akutagawa (芥川 丈途 Akutagawa Taketo)
Voiced by: Aya Gōda
A genius at writing erotic fiction. He is looked down upon by most of the other students, especially the girls who consider him a pervert. He also works on the academy's newspaper as a reporter and interviewer. He often gets nosebleeds whenever he finds himself in a state of sexual arousal. As time passes by people's thoughts about him change and he attracts some admirers like Utae, Raika, and Fukune. Taketo's love interest is Fukune. The name Akutagawa can also mean "river of garbage", referring to the flood of erotic writing Taketo is producing when he is inspired.
Fukune Narukara (鳴唐 吹音 Narukara Fukune)
Voiced by: Yurina Fukuhara
A genius clarinetist. She is a shy girl who forms a close relationship with Taketo after he attempts to interview her and helps her in times of need. Although she knows Taketo is an author, she does not know he writes erotic fiction. Fukune is an awkward person to talk to because she doesn't reply often. Fukune has a tendency to read things aloud whenever she sees them, even repeating what she hears while asleep. Fukune's father is also a famous clarinetist. She tries her best to live up to his expectations; she constantly practices, leaving little time to go out. This changes when she's with Taketo and she seems to develop feelings for him. Her given name "Fukune" means "sound of a wind instrument".
Raika Meiki (名機 来夏 Meiki Raika)
Voiced by: Mana Komatsu
A genius photographer. She often works with Taketo on the academy's newspaper. She likes taking photographs of Taketo during his most embarrassing moments. Because Taketo is her most useful model, she helps him in difficult situations so she can stay with him and take more photos. Raika also seems to have some kind of feelings for Taketo to the point that she doesn't mind Taketo thinking about her in a perverted way; she also stated that they're both ugly creatures and they would make a good match-up. Raika's given name is derived from Leica, a brand of cameras.
Kurumi Kuroki (黒樹 繰美 Kuroki Kurumi)
Voiced by: Yui Ariga
The Newspaper Circle Chief. She runs the academy's newspaper for which Taketo writes articles and Raika takes photos. She is a first-rate genius even by the standards at Inspiration Academy. She is normally seen protected by two bodyguards and wearing a latex uniform with her top open, exposing her breasts. The chief has a lot of secrets; secrets that should not be browsed by people because some things in this world should not be revealed.
Utae Sonokoe (園声 謡江 Sonokoe Utae)
Voiced by: Nanami Kashiyama
A genius pop idol. She is one of the most popular girls in the academy. She is also one of the few people who does not mind Taketo's erotic writing, admiring the fact he works in a difficult genre. Utae harbors feelings for Taketo ever since he helped her overcome a problem. She tries to go on date with Taketo but failed because of her shyness that people might find out. Her name can also mean "sing with that voice".
Ran Musen (霧線 蘭 Musen Ran)
Voiced by: Kayoko Tsumita
A genius computer programmer. She looks down on Taketo the most out of all the students, often calling him a porno writer. With her skills she is able to hack into government satellites and computers. Ran's hacking abilities are so superior that she can hack anything. Ran is shown to be only interested in girls and hates Taketo, but this changes after Taketo helps rescue Fukune from Beni Botan. Her name means "wireless LAN". Musen means Wireless and Ran is as it sounds.
Tsukuru Kagaku (香学 創 Kagaku Tsukuru)
Voiced by: Midori Tsukimiya
A genius inventor. She is scientist who has invented several machines and devices; most of these malfunction in some capacity, usually causing Taketo chagrin. She is normally seen wearing a white lab coat. Her name means "building science".
Ritsu Enshū (円周 律 Enshū Ritsu)
Voiced by: Madoka Murakami
A genius mathematician. He is Taketo's closest friend and the one who tries to defend Taketo's work. He often gets aroused when Taketo talks innocently during conversation. Taketo makes him calm down by getting him to recite π. His name means π in Japanese.
Botan Beni (紅 牡丹 Beni Botan)
Voiced by: Iori Nomizu
A genius avant-garde artist. She is known for painting people's bodies and using other students as her canvases. Her family name "Beni" means "crimson"; a pigment.


Light novels

The R-15 light novels are written by Hiroyuki Fushimi, with illustrations by Takuya Fujima. The first volume was published in July 2009 under Kadokawa Shoten's Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko imprint; as of July 1, 2011, eight volumes have been released.

No.TitleRelease date ISBN
01Welcome to the Genius Academy!
Yōkoso Tensai Gakuen e! (ようこそ天才学園へ!)
July 1, 2009ISBN 978-4-04-474701-5
02Hello, My First Love
Konnichi wa, Boku no Hatsukoi (こんにちは、ぼくの初恋)
October 1, 2009ISBN 978-4-04-474702-2
03Nice to Meet You Love Triangle!
Hajimemashite Sankaku Kankei! (初めまして三角関係!)
January 1, 2010ISBN 978-4-04-474703-9
04Traitor's Farewell
Uragirimono no Sayōnara (裏切り者のさようなら)
June 1, 2010ISBN 978-4-04-474704-6
05Best Regards Queen's Classroom!
Yoroshiku Joō-sama no Kyōshitsu! (よろしく女王様の教室!)
September 1, 2010ISBN 978-4-04-474705-3
06Good Evening Academy Collapse
Konban wa Gakuen Hōkai (こんばんは学園崩壊)
December 1, 2010ISBN 978-4-04-474706-0
07Thank You Girl's Secret
Itadakimasu Onna no Ko no Himitsu (いただきます女の子の秘密)
April 1, 2011ISBN 978-4-04-474707-7
08Graduation Leadership Start!
Sotsugyō Shidō Sutāto! (卒業指導スタート!)
July 1, 2011ISBN 978-4-04-474708-4


A manga adaptation illustrated by Hayato Ōhashi began serialization in the June 2010 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shōnen Ace manga magazine.[1] The first tankōbon volume was released on November 26, 2010; the third volume will be released on July 26, 2011. A four-panel comic strip spin-off manga titled Chima R-15 (ちまR-15) and illustrated by Nenga Ninomiya began serialization in volume one of Kadokawa Shoten's 4-koma Nano Ace magazine sold on March 9, 2011.


An anime TV series adaptation[2] produced by AIC and directed by Munenori Nawa began airing in Japan on July 10, 2011, with opening theme "Maji Yaba Mōsō LOVE" (マジヤバもーそうLOVE♥) by R-15 and ending theme "HIRAMEKI! Peace (≧▽≦)v (HIRAMEKI!ピース(≧▽≦)v)" also by R-15. An OAD episode was released with the 10th novel volume on December 13, 2011.

No. Title Original airdate
01 "Welcome to Inspiration Academy!"
"Yōkoso Hirameki Gakuen e!" (ようこそ閃学園へ!) 
July 10, 2011[3]
Taketo names everything a genius is at school. As he heard music and finds who is using a clarinet, all awhile later she runs away. 
02 "An Idol, Even if I Strip!"
"Nuidatte Aidoru!" (脱いだってあいどる!) 
July 17, 2011[4]
Taketo is assigned to interview Utae, the most popular girl in school. He's nervous because he's not sure how she will react to him. Eventually they become friends. 
03 "I Won't Go Away, I Won't Let You Go"
"Hanarenai, Hanasanai" (離れない、離さない) 
July 24, 2011[4]
Taketo and Fukune got stuck from one of Tsukuru's inventions, and later splitting the two apart. As it happens it goes haywire. 
04 "Photo Stories"
"Shashin Kidan" (写真奇談) 
July 31, 2011[4]
Raika is in need of a good photograph for the school, and decides she wants to take a photo of Taketo being pervy. 
05 "Only Girls"
"Ikase-ai no Mukō ni" (イカセ愛のムコウに) 
August 7, 2011[4]
Fukune is kidnapped by Botan, and Ran tries to find her. But Ran fights with Botan in the ring, when Taketo gives some encouragement. 
06 "What If Inspiration Academy's Genius Manager..."
"Moshimo Hirameki Gakuen no Tensai manējā ga..." (もしも閃学園の天才マネージャーが…) 
August 14, 2011[5]
Taketo is suffering from writer's block. Kurumi locks him in an apartment and gives him 48 hours to meet his deadlines. With him is a young woman that's supposed to cheer him on, but all she does is prolong his writer's block. 
07 "Story of the Girl's Dormitory"
"Joshi Ryō Monogatari" (女子寮物語) 
August 21, 2011[5]
Kurumi gives Taketo a suit that makes him invisible, and tells him to spend the day in the girl's dormitory as research for his work. Naturally, things do not go as planned. 
08 "Inspiration Academy's Holiday"
"Hirameki no Kyūjitsu" (ひらめきの休日) 
August 28, 2011[5]
Everybody is having a free day in Inspiration Academy, and everyone is really excited about this. Taketo decides to go to the town with Ritsu, but he ends up going with the defenseless and innocent Fukune. 
09 "Director of X-Files"
"Buchō X fairu" (部長Xファイル) 
September 4, 2011[5]
Taketo starts becoming suspicious of Kurumi after she mysteriously vanishes. He has Ran hack into the school's database to find out more about her. Things get more puzzling as the story goes on. 
10 "Steamy Town Elegy"
"Yu no Machi Erejī" (湯の町エレジー) 
September 11, 2011[6]
The upperclassmen decide to pit Inspiration Academy's three first-year classes against each other in a talent competition. Taketo must find a way to win for his class. 
11 "Our Summertime Blues"
"Boku-tachi no Samātaimu Burū" (ボクたちのサマータイムブルー) 
September 18, 2011[6]
Fukune is nervous about something and Taketo doesn't know why. Later Fukune's father wants her to transfer out of school. 
12 "I Love You"
"Daisukida!!" (大好きだ!!) 
September 25, 2011[6]
Taketo is conducting a song during a school play, and Fukune shows up. The principal talked to Fukune's father to reconsider. To let others chose to do in the future, and Fukune's father leaves the play. 
OVA  December 13, 2011[6]
Taketo, Fukune, Utae and Raika wind up on a remote island after a plane crash. 


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