Quintin Riley

Quintin Theodore Petroc Molesworth Riley (27 October 1905 – 25 December 1980) was a British Arctic explorer who was awarded the Polar Medal.


Quintin Riley was educated at Lancing College, where he met Gino Watkins (1907–1932). He continued his education at Pembroke College, where he graduated in 1927.[1]

In 1930–31 Riley joined the British Arctic Air Route Expedition as a meteorologist. This expedition consisted in a team of fourteen men led by Watkins with the mission to survey and monitor weather conditions in the little explored east coast of Greenland.[2] Barely a year later Riley returned to Greenland with the smaller 1932-33 East Greenland Expedition, led by Watkins as well. He was one of the only three remaining team members following Watkin's untimely death[3] at Tuttilik Fjord.[4]

Riley next joined the 1934-1937 British Graham Land Expedition led by his former Greenland team mate John Rymill. In 1938 Riley joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and became active in Norway and Iceland —among other places— during World War II.

Riley died in a road accident on Christmas Day 1980 while he was living in retirement Essex.[5]


The Riley Glacier in Palmer Land, Antarctica, was named after him.

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