LexisNexis Quicklaw is a Canadian electronic legal research database that provides court decisions from all levels, news reports, provincial and federal statutes, journals, and other legal commentary. It also offers a case citator and case digests. In 2002 Quicklaw was purchased by LexisNexis and is now a subsidiary of LexisNexis Canada.

LexisNexis Quicklaw is used by lawyers and law firms in Canada to access case law, legislation, exclusive current awareness services, expert commentary and more.

In addition to research, the LexisNexis Quicklaw service also includes citation tools to help lawyers and law firms validate the authority of cases, find summaries of judicial considerations, along with treatment and pinpoint references.

LexisNexis Quicklaw Products

LexisNexis Quicklaw is composed several products, providing legal practitioners with the access they need to perform their research.

LexisNexis Quicklaw Full Service

LexisNexis Quicklaw Full Service International

LexisNexis Quicklaw Essentials

Designed for practices that focus on particular legal segments, LexisNexis Quicklaw Essentials provides all the content needed to research those areas.

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