Quantity surveyor

A quantity surveyor (QS) is a professional working within the construction industry concerned with construction costs and contracts.

Services provided by a quantity surveyor may include:

Traditional quantity surveying services

  1. Cost planning
  2. Estimating
  3. Contracts negotiation
  4. Procurement advice
  5. Preparing Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Tender Document
  6. Monitoring Budget
  7. Preparation of Payment Application, certification and valuation of construction work
  8. Assessment of variations
  9. Dispute resolution
  10. Preparing feasibility studies
  11. Cost control
  12. Value engineering
  13. Advice on cost limits and budgets
  14. Whole life cycle costing
  15. Valuation for insurance purposes
  16. Project management
  17. Advice on contractual disputes
  18. Preparation of final account

Professional duties


  1. Provide procurement and contractual advice
  2. Provide 'Order of Magnitude' costs for construction projects
  3. Refine, monitor and control costs during design development
  4. Prepare contract documentation

Tender review

  1. Identify cost-risks in tender returns
  2. Prepare tender reports
  3. Recommend preferred tenderer
  4. Estimates tenure of the project

Notable Quantity Surveyors

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