Qiong Prefecture (Sichuan)

Not to be confused with Qiong Prefecture (Hainan).
Qiong Prefecture (邛州)
Linqiong Commandery (臨邛郡)

  740s or 750s 190,327[1]
  1100s 193,032[2]
  Created 6th century (Liang dynasty)
  Abolished 1913 (Republic of China)
  Succeeded by Qionglai County (邛崍縣)
Contained within
Qiong Prefecture
Linqiong Commandery
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Qiongzhou or Qiong Prefecture was a zhou (prefecture) in imperial China seated in modern Qionglai City in Sichuan, China. It existed (intermittently) from the 6th century to 1913.[3] Between 742 and 758 it was known as Linqiong Commandery.


Qiong Prefecture administered the following counties (縣) through history:

#NameModern location
1Linqiong (臨邛)Qionglai City[4]
2Yizheng (依政)
3Huojing (火井)
4Dayi (大邑)Dayi County[5]
5Anreng (安仁)
6Pujiang (蒲江)Pujiang County[6]
7Linxi (臨溪)


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