Qiong Prefecture (Hainan)

Not to be confused with Qiong Prefecture (Sichuan).
Qiong Prefecture (瓊州)
Qiongshan Commandery (瓊山郡)

  740s or 750s Unknown, 649 households[1]
  1070s or 1080s Unknown, 8,963 households[2]
  Created 631 (Tang dynasty)
  Abolished 1329 (Yuan dynasty)
  Succeeded by Qianning Tribal Pacification Commission (乾寧軍民安撫司)
Contained within
Qiong Prefecture
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Qiongshan Commandery
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Qiongzhou or Qiong Prefecture was a zhou (prefecture) in imperial China in modern northeastern Hainan, China. It existed from 631 to 1329, but between 742 and 758 it was known as Qiongshan Commandery (also translated as Qiongshan Prefecture).[3]


In the Tang dynasty, Qiong Prefecture administered the following counties (縣):

Yanluo was abolished late in the Tang dynasty, while Zengkou was abolished by Southern Han. In the Song dynasty, Qiong Prefecture again administered 5 counties, including:


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