Qafë Thanë

Qafë Thanë

Qafë Thana in Albania, as seen from the Macedonian side of Lake Ohrid
Traversed by E852 motorway
Location Albania
Range List of mountains in Albania
Coordinates 41°3′56″N 20°36′29″E / 41.06556°N 20.60806°E / 41.06556; 20.60806Coordinates: 41°3′56″N 20°36′29″E / 41.06556°N 20.60806°E / 41.06556; 20.60806
Qafë Thanë Pass

Location of Qafë Thanë Pass

Qafë Thanë (Albanian: Qafë Thanë; Macedonian: Ќафасан) is a mountain pass on the shores of Lake Ohrid in Albania.[1] It is located in the southeastern Albanian mountains, close to the border between Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. The border crossing point between the two countries is also named Qafë Thanë, and is a "primary gateway" between the two countries.[2]


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