QF 3 pounder Nordenfelt

This article is about the QF 3 pounder Nordenfelt gun. For other 3-pounder weapons, see 3-pounder gun.
QF 3 pounder Nordenfelt

At Melbourne Town Hall, 1895
Type Naval gun
Coast defence gun
Place of origin United Kingdom
Service history
In service 1885 - 19??
Used by Many countries
Production history
Designed 1885
Manufacturer Nordenfelt Guns and Ammunition Company
Weight UK 45-cal version : 452 pounds (205 kg) barrel & breech[1]
Length 45 calibres

Shell Fixed QF 3 lb 4 oz (1.5 kg)
Calibre 47-millimetre (1.850 in)
Breech Vertical sliding block with locking wedge
Muzzle velocity 1,959 ft/s (597 m/s)[2]
Maximum firing range 4,000 yd (3,700 m)[2]

The QF 3 pounder Nordenfelt was a light 47 mm quick-firing naval gun and coast defence gun of the late 19th century used by many countries.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom only deployed this gun for coast defence, and soon discarded it in favour of the similar QF 3-pounder Hotchkiss gun for both coast defence and naval use.


Ammunition was in "fixed rounds" : the projectile and brass cartridge case were loaded as a single unit. The gun used the same ammunition as the similar QF 3 pounder Hotchkiss, with either Nordenfelt or Hotchkiss fuzes. When introduced in the 1880s the propellant used was gunpowder, in British service Cordite Mark I was used as propellant from the mid-1890s onwards.

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