Pyongan Province

P'yŏng'an Province
Korean transcription(s)
  Hangul 평안도
  Hanja 平安道
  Revised Romanization Pyeong-an-do
  McCune–Reischauer P'yŏng'an-do
Short name transcription(s)
  Hangul 평안
  Revised Romanization Pyeongan
  McCune–Reischauer P'yŏngan

Country Korea
Region Kwansŏ
Capital P'yŏngyang
  Type Province
Dialect P'yŏngan

P'yŏng'an (P'yŏng'an-do [pʰjʌŋando]) was one of the Eight Provinces of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty. P'yŏngan was located in the northwest of Korea. The provincial capital was P'yŏngyang.


P'yŏngan Province was formed in 1413. Its name derived from the names of two of its principal cities, P'yŏngyang (평양; 平壤) and Anju (안주; 安州).

In 1895, the province was replaced by the Districts of Kanggye (Kanggye-bu; 강계부; 江界府) in the northeast, Ŭiju (Ŭiju-bu; 의주부; 義州府) in the northwest, and P'yŏngyang (P'yŏngyang-bu; 평양부; 平壤府) in the south.

In 1896, Kanggye and Ŭiju Districts were reorganized into North P'yŏngan Province, and P'yŏngyang District was reorganized into South P'yŏngan Province. North and South P'yŏngan Provinces are today part of North Korea.


P'yŏngan was bounded on the east by Hamgyŏng, on the south by Hwanghae, on the west by the Yellow Sea, and on the north by China.

The regional name for the province was Kwansŏ.

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