Pyhrn Autobahn

Motorway A9
Autobahn A9

Route information
Length: 230 km (140 mi)
Major junctions
From: A1 and A8 junction

S6 and S36 S35

A2 near Graz
To: A1 border with Slovenia
Regions: Upper Austria, Styria
Major cities: Graz
Highway system
  • Highways of Austria

The Pyhrnautobahn (A9) ('Pyhrn Motorway') is an Autobahn (motorway), in Austria. It runs through Alps by 2 two-lane tunnels: the 5,400-meter (17,700 ft) long Bosrucktunnel and the 8,320-meter (27,300 ft) long Gleinalmtunnel. The longest tunnel on the motorway is the 10-kilometer (6 mi) long Plabutschtunnel under Graz and its outskirts.

The last section of the highway was built in 2004. Some parts still have only a single roadway, including some tunnels.

The newest motorway opening was on Oct 19 2015. The second carriage of the Bosruckstunnel was finally opened on the day. The Gleinalmtunnel(8.3 km) and the Tunnelkette Klaus(8 km), the only sections that remain one carriageway only, will be opened in 2019 and late 2018 respectively.

The motorway south of the A2 interchange is a part of the Pan-European corridor Xa.

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