Country Philippines
Region IX
District 2nd District
City Zamboanga City
  Type Barangay
  Barangay Captain Hon. Jerry Perez
Population (2007)
  Total 17,350
Time zone PST

Putik is one of the developing barangays in Zamboanga City. Situated at six kilometers east of the city proper. The name "putik" is ironic to the bustling economic situation of the barangay. It has one of the most number of subdivisions and a number of public and private offices. It serves as a residential, commercial and agricultural area.

Yubengco Star Mall is the first mall in Zamboanga located outside of the city proper (pueblo), attracting residents of Putik and its nearby barrios to shop. There is now an overpass in front of Putik Central School, a priority project of Rep. Erbie Fabian of Zamboanga City. There are wet markets in many strategic locations selling fresh marine and sea products at normally low prices, making the fact that people from other barangays come to Putik to do their marketing.

Historical background

Long before the coming of the Spaniards to Zamboanga, the place has no name. And this is how Putik got its name. At the time when the Spaniards occupied Zamboanga, they usually go around to see different places. One day, they met a tradesman who came from Luzon. The tradesman accompanied by the Spaniards went sight-seeing around the place. It was a rainy season that time and the soil seemed like clay, and so it was slippery. While they were walking, one of the Spaniards stumbled down. He suddenly stood up and asked the trader what was the name of the place. He answered “putik”, he meant muddy. That knowing the tradesman does not know Spanish. From that time and until now, they call this place as PUTIK.


Putik is a barangay (or locality) located on the borders of Guiwan, Tumaga, Lunzuran, Divisoria and Tugbungan in Zamboanga City, Philippines.



Barangay Putik has a total population of seventeen thousand three hundred fifty (17,350) as 2007 National Census. It has a total of two thousand five hundred forty two households 2,542.


The barangay has one public elementary schools named: Putik Central School. Putik is also considered as a pilot school for English by DECS, and it is a recipient of different awards in Education. And it has also a private school named the Zamboanga Santo Niňo Village School.

Health Services


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