Oregon POINT

Oregon POINT
Commenced operation April 2009 (April 2009)
Service area Oregon
Service type Intercity bus
Routes 5
Operator Oregon Department of Transportation
Website oregon-point.com

The Oregon POINT (Public Oregon Intercity Transit) is a five-route, intercity bus service of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). The service is administered by ODOT's Rail & Public Transit Division as part of its intercity grant program.[1] The POINT service exists to connect towns and rural communities with major transportation hubs and urban centers. ODOT accomplishes this by filling gaps in Oregon's long distance transit network where no public services exist and which would otherwise be unprofitable for private companies.

The service functions like a thruway bus service for Amtrak in that it makes direct connections to passenger rail service and sells tickets using Amtrak's system. However, Amtrak does not own or contract POINT buses and the service is open to the general public, not just Amtrak train passengers. The POINT program is similar to the Travel Washington buses in neighboring Washington.


ODOT began investing heavily in intercity bus services in 1994.[2] The decline in Greyhound service in Oregon in the late 1990s led to a rise in local private operators.[3] Over time, to better meet the travel needs of Oregonians and draw more ridership, ODOT created the POINT program through "a mixture of new service, expanded service and service re-branding that relies on public-private partnerships with private bus operators."[2]


Oregon POINT bus system map


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