Psalm 147

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Psalm 147 is the 147th psalm of the Book of Psalms (Greek numbering: Psalm 146-147). The theme of the psalm is a focus on the rebuilding of Jerusalem.




Since the Middle Ages, this psalm was recited or sung at the office of Vespers on Saturday, according to the Rule of St. Benedict of 530AD. At that time, there were two separate psalms to Read Psalms 146 and 147.[3]

In the Liturgy of Hours today, Psalm 147 is recited or sung at Lauds on Friday of the second and quatrième[4] weeks. In the liturgy of the Mass, he read the fifth diimanche Ordinary Time of the year.

Musical settings

The same verses served to Michel Richard Delalande for its "Lauda Jerusalem Dominum" for the celebration of daily Mass for King Louis XIV at Versailles.


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