Przewozy Regionalne

Przewozy Regionalne
Sp. z o.o.
Limited company
Industry Rail transport
Founded 2001 (2001)
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland
Key people
Krzysztof Mamiński
Number of employees
7 724 (June, 2016)
An old-type typical EN57 electric multiple unit belonging to Przewozy Regionalne

Przewozy Regionalne (przewozy regionalne means regional transport in Polish), formerly PKP Przewozy Regionalne, is a train operator in Poland, responsible for local and interregional passenger transportation. Each day it runs approximately 3,000 regional trains. During 2002 it carried 215 million passengers.

The company was founded after dividing the Polskie Koleje Państwowe national rail operator into several companies to meet European Union requirements.

Train categories

An ED59 unit in Skierniewice. This unit currently services InterRegio trains between Warsaw and Łódź
A typical InterRegio carriage
An SA133 unit as the Balice Ekspres train to Kraków International Airport
local passenger train, 2nd class only, stops (usually) at all stations
semi-fast local passenger train, 2nd class only, stops at a limited number of stations, same fare as Regio
interREGIO (IR)
low-cost inter-regional fast train, 2nd class only, stops at medium and major stations only; since September 1, 2015 only on routes ŁódźWarszawa and EłkGrodno (Belarus), due to company's economics and restructuring.[1]
REGIOekspres (RE)
fast trains on international routes; stop at major stations only; 1st and 2nd class, higher standard than IR; currently only on the routes: Dresden Hbf - Wrocław Główny and Frankfurt (Oder)-Poznań (both operated by DB Regio on the German part of the route as RegionalExpress)

There is also a special train service called Balice Ekspres, connecting the John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice with Kraków Main railway station with its own fare.

For domestic routes IR and RE trains share the same fare for the 2nd class (meaning you can board an RE train with an IR ticket and vice versa). With the exception of the two above-mentioned RegioEkspres trains, there is no reservation in any of the Przewozy Regionalne trains.

Until December 1, 2008 the company also used to run other 300 interregional and international fast trains (pociąg pospieszny), but per the government's decision, the interregional and international fast trains were transferred to its then-sister company, PKP Intercity S.A. and rebranded to "Tanie Linie Kolejowe".


Until December 22, 2008 Przewozy Regionalne was a wholly owned subsidiary of the PKP Group, after that date all of its shares have been transferred to the 16 regional governments. Thus, the company is no longer part of the PKP Group and on interregional routes its InterRegio trains compete with PKP Intercity TLK trains.

On December 8, 2009 it finally changed its name from PKP Przewozy Regionalne to Przewozy Regionalne.

of shares
of shares
Location of
Greater Poland 123,243 9.7% Poznań
Kuyavia-Pomerania 73,691 5.8% Bydgoszcz
Lesser Poland 81,315 6.4% Kraków
Łódź 72,421 5.7% Łódź
Lower Silesia 92,750 7.3% Wrocław
Lublin 69,880 5.5% Lublin
Lubusz 45,739 3.6% Zielona Góra
Masovia 171,523 13.5% Warsaw
Opole 43,198 3.4% Opole
Podlaskie 48,281 3.8% Białystok
Pomerania 90,208 7.1% Gdynia
Silesia 116,890 9.2% Katowice
Subcarpathia 62,257 4.9% Rzeszów
Świętokrzyskie 38,116 3.0% Kielce
Warmia-Masuria 67,339 5.3% Olsztyn
West Pomerania 73,691 5.8% Szczecin


Electric multiple units

(state on December 31, 2013)

Series Quantity Owner
EN57 667 Przewozy Regionalne
EN57 56 Teams traction owned by local governments
EN71 33 Przewozy Regionalne
EN71 3 Region pomorskie
EN77 5 Region małopolskie
ED59 1 Region łódzkie
ED72 17 Przewozy Regionalne
ED72 4 Województwo kujawsko-pomorskie
ED73 1 Przewozy Regionalne
EN61 1 Przewozy Regionalne
EN62 1 Region warmińsko-mazurskie
EN81 8 Region małopolskie/świętokrzyskie
EN96 4 Region świętokrzyskie
Together: 801

Electric locomotives

(state on December 31, 2013)

Series Quantity Owner
EP07P 5 Przewozy Regionalne
EU07 11 Tabor Szynowy Opole
EU07 3 PKP Intercity
EU07* 6 Przewozy Regionalne
ČD163 10 České dráhy
Together: 35

(*waiting to upgrade to the standard EU07A)

Diesel locomotives

(state on December 31, 2013)

Series Quantity Owner
SM42 26 Przewozy Regionalne
SU42 24 Przewozy Regionalne
SP32 13 Przewozy Regionalne
SU45 18 Przewozy Regionalne
SM04 4 Przewozy Regionalne
Together: 85


(state on December 31, 2013)

Series Quantity
class 1 103
class 2 174
deck 126
luggage 1
gastronomics 1
other 10
Together: 415

Diesel multiple units

(state on December 31, 2013)

Series Quantity Series Quantity
SA101 3 SA132 3
SA102 3 SA133 20
SA103 13 SA134 13
SA104 1 SA135 5
SA105 6 SA136 12
SA106 5 SA137 5
SA107 2 SA138 4
SA108 6 SA139 1
SA109 7 SN81 4
SA131 1 Together: 114

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