Provinces of North Korea

North Korean Provinces
북한 지방 (Korean)
bughan jibang(Romanized)
Category Unitary State
Location Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Number 9 Provinces
Populations 719,269 (Ryanggang Province) – 4,051,696 (South Pyongan)
Areas 11,260 km2 (4,346 sq mi) (Kangwon) – 19,000 km2 (7,320 sq mi) (South Hamgyong)
Government Single-Party Government
Subdivisions City, County
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Administrative divisions of North Korea
Provincial level
( to)
Direct-administered city
(직할시 直轄市 chikhalsi)
Special city
(특별시 特別市 t'ŭkpyŏlsi)
Municipal level
Special-level city
(특급시 特級市 t'ŭkkŭpsi)
( si)
( kun)
(구역 區域 kuyŏk)
( ku)
(지구 地區 chigu)
Submunicipal level
( ŭp)
( tong)
( ri)
Workers' District
(로동자구 勞動者區 rodongjagu)

Provinces are the first-level division within North Korea. There are 9 provinces in North Korea: Chagang, North Hamgyong, South Hamgyong, North Hwanghae, South Hwanghae, Kangwon, North Pyongan, South Pyongan and Ryanggang.


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Although the details of local administration have changed dramatically over time, the basic outline of the current three-tiered system was implemented under the reign of Gojong in 1895. A similar system also remains in use in South Korea.

A province (, ) are the highest-ranked administrative divisions in North Korea. Provinces have equal status to the special cities.

List of provinces

NameChosongulHanchaISO PopulationArea
Chagang자강도慈江道KP-04 1,299,83016,76577.5 Kanggye Region (North Korea)Kwanso
North Hamgyong함경북도咸鏡北道KP-09 2,327,36215,980145.6 ChongjinKwanbuk
South Hamgyong함경남도咸鏡南道KP-08 3,066,01318,534165.4 HamhungKwannam
North Hwanghae황해북도黃海北道KP-06 2,113,6728,153.7259.2 SariwonHaeso
South Hwanghae황해남도黃海南道KP-05 2,310,4858,450.3273.4 HaejuHaeso
Kangwon강원도江原道KP-07 1,477,58211,091133.2 WonsanKwandong
North Pyongan평안북도平安北道KP-03 2,728,66212,680.3215.2 SinuijuKwanso
South Pyongan평안남도平安南道KP-02 4,051,69611,890.6340.7 PyongsongKwanso
Ryanggang량강도兩江道KP-10 719,26913,88051.8 HyesanKwannam

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