Protestant Federation of France

The Protestant Federation of France (Fédération protestante de France) is a religious organisation created on 25 October 1905, which united the principal Protestant Christian groupings in France. The current president is François Clavairoly, who took over from previous president Claude Baty in 2013.


The Protestant Federation of France may be further divided as follows:

Exhaustive list (2007) of Churches or unions of Churches which are members of the PFF:

In addition the Assemblies of God of France (Assemblées de Dieu de France) are currently in dialogue with the PFF with the eventual aim of becoming full members of the Federation.

In all, the Federation unites 23 Churches or unions of Churches, as well as 81 associations which represent about 500 communities, institutions and movements.

The member churches of the PFF comprise some 1,268 parishes, 1,065 pastors (of which 196 are women). 900,000 Protestants belong to the member Churches.

The Churches cooperate in variety of sectors: childcare, care of the elderly, social and mecial action, holidays and outings in the community, education, communication, art, international relations, development.

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