Procés Constituent

Procés Constituent
Spokesperson Teresa Forcades
Arcadi Oliveres
Founded June 10, 2013 (2013-06-10)
Headquarters Barcelona
Ideology Anticapitalism
Catalan independence
Political position Left-wing

Procés Constituent is a progressive, Catalan social movement, launched on April 10, 2013.[1] It is anti-capitalist and pro-Catalan independence, calling for 'A Republic of the 99%'.[2]


The initial founders of Procés Constituent were economist and activist, Arcadi Oliveres, and medical doctor and nun, Teresa Forcades, who launched the initiative by publishing a Manifesto: call for a constituent process in Catalonia.[3] More than 10,000 signed the manifesto in the first week.[4] Following the publication of the manifesto, the initiative was presented in towns and cities across Catalonia, and 80 local assemblies were set up within six months of its launch.[5]


According to the manifesto, the current economic, institutional and political model has failed and must be rebuilt from below. To do this, it argues that "Only vast participation by active, outspoken citizens can guarantee deep social change."

   1) Expropriation of private banks; defense of an ethical, public bank; putting a stop to financial speculation; instituting a fair taxation system; carrying out a debt audit; and non-payment of illegitimate debt.
   2) Establishing fair salaries and pensions; no to dismissals; reduction of working hours and sharing of the overall workload, non-remunerated housework included.
   3) Participatory democracy; electoral reform; checks and balances on elected candidates; suppression of politicians’ privileges and resolute struggle against corruption.
   4) Decent housing for everyone; moratorium on evictions; mortgage debt forgiveness.
   5) No to privatizations; reverting all cutbacks; strengthening the public sector under social control.
   6) Right to one’s own body; no to gender violence.
   7) Ecological restructuring of the economy; expropriation and socialization of energy companies; food sovereignty.
   8) Citizenship rights for everyone; no to xenophobia; abolition of current immigration laws.
   9) Public media under democratic control; free software and internet; and decommodification of culture.
   10) International solidarity; no to war; for a Catalonia without an army and outside NATO.

Electoral participation

Procés Constituent stood with Barcelona en Comú in the May 2015 municipal elections in Barcelona. Procés Constituent members Gerardo Pisarello and Jaume Asens were both elected to the city council to form part of the new government.

After negotiations, Procés Constituent decided not to stand with Catalunya Sí que es Pot or the Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) in the 2015 Catalan parliamentary elections.[6]

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