Principality of Mingrelia

Principality of Mingrelia
Vassal of the Russian Empire (1803-1867)
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Zugdidi
Languages Mingrelian, Georgian
Religion Georgian Orthodox
Government Principality
   Established 1557
   Annexation by Imperial Russia January 4, 1867
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Imereti
Russian Empire

The Principality of Mingrelia (Georgian: სამეგრელოს სამთავრო, translit.: samegrelos samtavro), also known as Odishi, was a historical state in Georgia ruled by the Dadiani dynasty. Established as an independent Principality in 1557 by Levan I Dadiani as a hereditary mtavari (Prince), it remained independent until it became subject to Imperial Russia in 1803.[1] The principality ultimately came to an end when Prince Niko Dadiani was deposed, and the principality abolished, by Russia in 1867. Prince Niko officially renounced his rights to the throne in 1868.

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