Principality of Hamamshen

This article is about the medieval principality. For the modern city in Turkey, see Hemşin.
Principality of Hamamshen
8th century–14th century
Capital Hamamshen
Languages Armenian
Government Principality
Prince Hamam Amatuni
Historical era Middle Ages
   Established 8th century
   Disestablished 14th century
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Emirate of Armenia
Ottoman Empire

The Principality of Hamamshen was a small principality that was established in the 8th century by Armenians who fled the Arab invasions of Armenia.



The Amatuni dynasty originated in the Artaz region in Vaspurakan who specialized in agriculture and architecture.


In the 8th century, Prince Hamam, his father Prince Shapuh Amatuni and their people migrated North to the Black Sea region in order to escape Arab invasions of Vaspurakan. They settled in the ruined city of Tambur and its surrounding villages. Prince Hamam rebuilt the city and named it Hamamshen ("Hamam's hamlet" in Armenian).


The Principality of Hamamshen was surrounded by foreign states, but they preserved their isolated independence until the 14th century.

Ottoman Conquest

In the 14th century, the region was conquered by the Ottoman Empire.


Further information: Hemshin peoples

After several centuries, the name Hamamshen evolved into Hamshen in the Armenian language, and Hemshin in the Turkish language. The Armenians of Hamamshen were cut off from the rest of the Armenian social and cultural world and developed their own distinct ethnic identity.

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