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This is a list of Princesses of Brazil, from 1645 to 1815, both by marriage and birth. The title was preceded by the titles Princess of Portugal and succeed by Princess Royal of Portugal.

The title was created by King John IV of Portugal on 27 October 1645 in favor of his eldest son and heir Infante Teodósio, soon after Portugal had got rid of its Spanish rulers. During the 16451815, "Prince of Brazil" was always conferred on the heir apparent of the throne, who also received the title of Duke of Braganza. The title was abolished when Brazil became independent and join the United Kingdom of Portugal.

Brazil would later break from the United Kingdom and become the independent Empire of Brazil. The heirs presumptive of Brazil were known as Prince Imperial of Brazil or Princess Imperial of Brazil, with the style of Imperial Highness. Other members of the Brazilian Imperial Family were known by the title of Prince or Princess prefixed to their given names, with the style of Highness. The Portuguese title of Prince of Brazil, that existed as a title of the Portuguese heir apparent only while Brazil was still a possession of Portugal, should therefore not be confused with the later ranks of Brazilian Prince or Brazilian Princess, that stem from the era of the Empire of Brazil.

By birth

This is a list of Princess of Brazil who held the title by their own rights:

Picture Name Heiress of Birth Became Heiress to the Throne Ceased to be Princess of Brazil Death
Isabel Luísa, Princess of Beira Pedro II 6 January 1669 6 November 1683
father's accession as King
30 August 1688
brother's birth
21 October 1690
17 September 1688
brother's death
22 October 1689
brother's birth
Bárbara, Princess of Beira João V 4 December 1711 19 October 1712
brother's birth
27 August 1758
Maria Francisca, Princess of Brazil
later Maria I
José I 17 December 1734 31 July 1750
father's accession as King
24 February 1777
became Queen regnant
20 March 1816

By marriage

This is a list of Princess of Brazil who held the title by their marriage to the Prince of Brazil:

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Princess Ceased to be Princess Death Spouse
Infanta Mariana Victoria of Spain Philip V of Spain
31 March 1718 19 January 1729 31 July 1750
became Queen consort
15 January 1781 Prince José
Infanta Benedita of Portugal Joseph I of Portugal
25 July 1746 21 February 1777 24 February 1777
became Princess
11 September 1788
husband's death
18 August 1829 Prince José
Infanta Carlota of Spain Charles IV of Spain
25 April 1775 8 May 1785 11 September 1788
brother-in-law's death
16 December 1815
Brazil became a Kingdom
7 December 1830 Prince João


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