Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Coordinates: 32°1′23″N 35°52′35″E / 32.02306°N 35.87639°E / 32.02306; 35.87639

Princess Sumaya University for Technology
Motto The First Technology University in Jordan
Type Private non-profit university
Established 1991
Chairman HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan
President Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai
Location Amman, Jordan
Colors Dark Blue and Gray         
Website PSUT website

Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), established in 1991, is a specialized, Non-governmental, Non-profit, Jordanian university, owned by the leading applied research centre in Jordan, the Royal Scientific Society (RSS). PSUT's area of specialization is IT, Communications and Electronics. As a nonprofit institution, PSUT embraces both the public and private sectors, but while akin to public universities in its mission, it is more aligned to the private sector in drive and spirit.

PSUT is located in Amman, Jordan, offering an array of ICT related courses. It currently offers B.Sc. degrees in Computer Science, Computer Graphics and Animation, Software Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Communication Engineering, Energy and Electrical Power Engineering, Management Information Systems, Administration of business and Accounting.

The university campus underwent major renovation and expansion in late 2004. Labs were upgraded with new equipment and computers. The university library got expanded, and a new collection of IT related books was added.

The university has a Sun Microsystems lab, mainly used in Java courses, and Unix courses on Sun SPARC based machines.

Also, PSUT has a Rubicon Lab, This Lab used for teaching animation and video game development courses, this lab was established by partnership with Rubicon Group Holding Company for the animation industry and video games.

An Oracle incubator lab was also recently established in the campus, with the goal of familiarizing students with Oracle technologies, and remove the stereo-typical view of Oracle as only being a Database company.

PSUT has recently established a regional enterepreneurship center, named: Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship, to help in fostering talent and transforming knowledge in Jordan and the region into a socio-economic impact.

King Abdullah II School For Electrical Engineering

The King Abdullah II School for Electrical Engineering at Princess Sumaya University for Technology consists currently of Four departments:

  1. Electronics Engineering Department that was founded in 1994 .
  2. Communication Engineering Department that was founded in 2005 .
  3. Computer Engineering Department that was founded in 2002.
  4. Energy and Electrical Power Engineering Department that was founded in 2011.

The School has 850 students currently enrolled in the Four undergraduate degree programs.

The King Hussein School for IT

The King Hussein School for Information Technology at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) had been established since the academic year of 2005–2006. This new establishment is inline with PSUT's master plan to develop and improve its facilities and faculties. The faculty consists of three academic departments:

  1. Computer Science Department established in 1991.
  2. Computer Graphics and Animation established in 2006.
  3. Software Engineering established in 2011.

The King Hussein School for Information Technology currently offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science, Computer Graphics and Animation, Software Engineering and Master of Science in computer Science and Security of information systems and digital crimes. Since PSUT was established in 1991, over 1,200 students, graduated with a BS degree in Computer Science in addition to the 100 that graduated this year.

King Talal Business School

The King Tala Business School at PSUT had been established in 2008, This School Consists currently of Four Departments :

  1. Management Information Systems Department established in 2008.
  2. Administration of business Department established in 2008.
  3. Accounting Department established in 2011.
  4. Digital marketing Department established in 2012.

King Talal Business School has a plan to launch new B.Sc majors in finance and other disciplines in the coming few years.

The University Development Office

The University Development Office (UDO) at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) was launched in early 2006. It was established to assure the continuation and development of a journey of excellence in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The UDO administers and manages fundraising initiatives with students, parents, alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations. The funds help the university in developing its academic programs, student scholarships, professorship, research, renovation projects, and new facilities.

The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship

The establishment Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship is an integral part of the expansion plan of PSUT. The idea was to name the Center after a prominent Arab dignitary known for his/her distinguished role in developing entrepreneurship. Thus, work towards launching the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) started in October 2004. This state of the art center will be located at the heart of Jordan's scientific, academic and R&D corridor. Furthermore, the center will extend its services to cover not only Jordan but the region as a whole.

The center is planned to be the regions' cornerstone for technology commercialization and entrepreneurship development. The QRCE will target university students, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and others. According to PSUT's development plan, the next step will be the establishment of a business school to be linked to the center.

Working closely with local and international organizations; the QRCE focuses on issues such as: capacity building, consulting, counseling and developing the local "Entrepreneurial Personality & Spirit". Furthermore, the QRCE is actively working on extending the intellectual wealth of Jordan while maintaining strong links with the business community in general.

The QRCE is running the following programs:

The Technology Commercialization Program

The Technology Commercialization Program is a national program initiated by PSUT, the Royal Scientific Society, the Higher Council for Science and Technology, and several key organization and companies from the private and public sectors. It aims at increasing the awareness of researchers and innovators about the economical value of their intellectual assets.

The Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition

The Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC) provides a platform to increase the interest of Jordanian university students to design the path to achieve their dreams.


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