Princedom of San Donato

Coat of arms of the Princes of San Donato

The princedom of San Donato was created by Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, for the Russian Italophile Anatole Demidov in 1840, so that Demidov could marry Mathilde Bonaparte without her losing her title of Princess.

The title was never recognised in Russia. It was named after Villa San Donato, the Demidov family's villa near Florence.

List of holders

  1. Anatoly Nikolaievich Demidov (1813-1870), 1st Prince of San Donato, died without legitimate issue
  2. Pavel Pavlovich Demidov (1839-1885), 2nd Prince of San Donato, nephew of the former
  3. Elim Pavlovich Demidov (1868-1943), 3rd Prince of San Donato, son of the former
  4. Anatoly Pavlovich Demidov (1874-1943), 4th Prince of San Donato, half-brother of the former
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