Coat of arms of Prince Lichnowsky, Count of Werdenberg

Lichnowsky (Czech: Lichnovský) is the name of an aristocratic family of Silesian and Moravian origin, documented since the 14th century.


The noble family first appeared in the Duchy of Pless (Pszczyna) in Upper Silesia, when one Estepan de Woszyczyki, probably from Woszczyce (German: Woschtitz) near Orzesze, on 17 March 1377 obtained the office of a Schultheiß reeve in Lędziny from the Přemyslid duke John of Opava. His descendant Hanuš (John) of Woszczyki, judge in the Upper Silesian Duchy of Krnov from 1498 to 1507, by marriage acquired the estates of Lichnov in Moravia. He is first mentioned with his surname Lichnovský in a 1494 deed.


The head of the family was an hereditary member of the Prussian House of Lords from 12 October 1854 and was granted the title of Durchlaucht (Serene Highness) in Prussia on 8 March 1860.

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