Prince Karl Theodor of Bavaria

Prince of Bavaria[1]
Born (1795-07-07)7 July 1795
Munich, Bavaria
Died 16 August 1875(1875-08-16) (aged 80)
Tegernsee, Bavaria
Full name
Charles [Karl] Theodor Maximilian August
House Wittelsbach
Father Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria
Mother Augusta Wilhelmine of Hesse-Darmstadt

Charles, Prince of Bavaria (German: Karl Theodor Maximilian August) (born Munich, 7 July 1795 Tegernsee, 16 August 1875); and grand prior of the order of Malta, was a German soldier.[2]


Charles was born in Munich, 7 July 1795. He is a son of King Maximilian I of Bavaria(1756–1825) and his first wife Wilhelmine Auguste of Hesse-Darmstadt.[2]

Charles fought against Napoleon at the battle of Hanau (1813), became a general of division, and took part in the Campaign of 1814. His differences with Prince Wrede led to his retirement from 1822 till some time after the latter's death in 1838, when his brother King Ludwig I of Bavaria appointed him field marshal and general inspector of the army. In the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 he was commander-in-chief of the 7th and 8th corps of the Bavarian army, which coöperated with the Austrian, after which he retired from the public service.[2]

He married morganatically in 1823 with Marie-Anne-Sophie Petin (1796–1838), with who he had three daughters:


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