Prince Hoare (younger)

This article is about the painter and playwright son of William Hoare. For William's sculptor brother, see Prince Hoare (elder).
Prince Hoare (1755–1834) (Thomas Lawrence, circa 1826)

Prince Hoare (1755 – 22 December 1834) was an English painter and dramatist. "Prince" is a given name, not a royal title.


Hoare was born in Bath, the son of painter William Hoare and his wife. He was named 'Prince' after his father's brother, a sculptor. He studied art from an early age, and became well known as a painter of portraits and historical scenes.

Later in his life, Hoare wrote 20 plays. He also compiled the Memoirs of Granville Sharp (1820), based on the British abolitionist's manuscripts, family documents and material from the African Institution, London.[1]



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