Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design

This is a list of the winning and nominated programs of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design presented for the best main title sequence in television programming. Prior to 1997, the award was presented for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequences.

Winners and nominations




  indicates the winner
Year Program Designers Network
Bored to Death Tom Barham, Marci Ichimura, Dean Haspiel, and Anthony Santoro, title designers HBO
Human Target Karin Fong, Jeremy Cox, and Cara McKenney, title designers Fox
Nurse Jackie Stephen Fuller, Mark Gardner, Corey Weisz, and Cara McKenney, title designers Showtime
The Pacific Steve Fuller, Ahmet Ahmet, Peter Frankfurt, and Lauren Hartstone, title designers HBO
Temple Grandin Michael Riley, Zee Nederlander, Dru Nget, and Bob Swensen, title designers
Game of Thrones Angus Wall, creative director; Robert Feng, art director; Kirk H. Shintani, animator; Hameed Shaukat, designer HBO
Any Human Heart Paul McDonnell, designer; Hugo Moss, art director; Justin Lowings, animator PBS
Boardwalk Empire Karin Fong, Michelle Dougherty, designer/directors; Lauren Hartstone, designer/art director; Cara McKenney, producer/art director HBO
Rubicon Karin Fong, creative director; Jeremy Cox, designer/animator; Theodore Daley, designer; Cara McKenney, producer/art director AMC
Too Big to Fail Michael Riley, creative director; Bob Swensen, creative lead; Adam Bluming, editor; Cory Shaw, designer/animator HBO
Great Expectations Nic Benns, title designer; Rodi Kaya, 3D artist; Tom Bromwich, titles producer PBS
American Horror Story Kyle Cooper, title designer; Juan Ruiz Anchia, director of photography; Gabriel Diaz, editor; Ryan Murphy, designer FX
Magic City Ahmet Ahmet, designer/creative director; Michelle Dougherty, designer/creative designer; Kathy Kelehan, producer/creative lead; Danielle White, editor Starz
New Girl Conn Reilly, producer; Veva Burns, art director; John Priday, creative director Fox
Strike Back Nic Benns, creatie director/designer/animator; Miki Kato, art director; Joe Lea, compositor/editor Cinemax
Da Vinci's Demons Paul McDonnell, creative director; Hugo Moss, art director; Nathan Mckenna, illustrator; Tamsin McGee, designer Starz
American Horror Story: Asylum Kyle Cooper, title designer; Ryan Murphy, designer; Juan Ruiz-Anchia, director of photography; Kate Berry, title producer FX
Elementary Simon Clowes, title designer; Benji Bakshi, director of photography; Kyle Cooper, creative director; Nate Park, editor CBS
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Heiko Schneck, CG lead; Fabian Poss, producer/animator; Csaba Letay, compositor; Jan Bitzer, CG lead/editor
The Newsroom Michael Riley and Denny Zimmerman, title designers; Cory Shaw, animator; Justine Gerenstein, editor HBO
Vikings Rama Allen, director; Audrey Davis, art director; Ryan McKenna, editor; Westley Sarokin, 2D lead artist/VFX supervisor History
True Detective Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, animator; Jennifer Sofio Hall, creative producer HBO
Black Sails Karen Fong, director; Michelle Dougherty, designer/director; Alan Williams, designer/art director; Kris Kuksi, fine art sculptor; Brian Butcher, producer Starz
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Curtis Doss and Shaun Collings, creative directors; Randall Smith, visual effects supervisor; Tom Connors, CG supervisor; Troy James Miller, Producer Fox / Nat Geo
Masters of Sex Leanne Dare, art director; Yi-Jen Liu, designer; Jon Forsman, animator; Gabriel Britz, editor Showtime
Silicon Valley Garson Yu, creative director; Mehmet Kizilay, designer/lead animator HBO
Manhattan Dan Gregoras, creative director; Jeremy Cox, art director; Jon Hassell, creative producer; Griffin Frazen, designer WGN America
American Horror Story: Freak Show Ryan Murphy, creative director; Kyle Cooper, creative director; Lee Nelson, art director/3D supervisor; Nadia Tzuo, art director/2D supervisor FX
Bosch Grant Lau, creative director; JJ Gerber, creative producer; Michael Radtke, editor; Rod Basham, flame artist Amazon
Halt and Catch Fire Patrick Clair, creative director; Raoul Marks, animator; Eddy Herringson, designer; Paul Kim, typographer AMC
Marvel's Daredevil Patrick Clair, creative director; Andrew Romatz, CGI lead; Miguel Salek, fluids lead; Shahana Kahn, lead compositor Netflix
Olive Kitteridge Garson Yu, creative director; Synderela Peng, art director; Michael Lane Parks, editor; Alex Pollini, director of photography HBO
The Man in the High Castle Patrick Clair, creative director; Paul Kim, designer; Jose Limon, CG artist; Raoul Marks, animator Amazon
Marvel's Jessica Jones Michelle Dougherty, creative director; Arisu Kashiwagi, lead designer; Rod Basham, flame artist; David Mack, illustrator; Eric Demeusy, animator; Thomas McMahan, animator Netflix
Narcos Tom O'Neill, creative director; Nik Kleverov, editor; David Badounts, lead animator/compositor; Josh Smith, CG/design lead
The Night Manager Patrick Clair, creative director; Jeff Han, designer; Paul Kim, designer; Raoul Marks, animator AMC
Vinyl Alan Williams, creative director; Michelle Dougherty, creative director; Tess Sitzmann, creative producer; Jon Hassell, executive producer; Jessica Ledoux, editor HBO


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