Prime Minister's Security Division

Prime Minister's Security Division (PMSD) is a unit of the Sri Lanka Police charged with the close protection of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. It is headed by a gazetted officer of the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG). The unit consists of both uniformed and non-uniformed officers who provide close protection and guard Prime Ministerial residences.


Police officers from the Ceylon Police Force were assigned to protect the Prime Minister of Ceylon since the post was established in 1947. These policemen were randomly chosen of the Prime Ministers security detail and to guard the Prime Minister's Office and Prime Minister's House (Temple Trees), without special training in close protection. This was highlighted when Prime Minister S W R D Bandaranaike was assassinated at his residence by Talduwe Somarama. The need for specialized independent unit was once again highlighted when personal from the internal security detail of the Royal Ceylon Navy, the Provost Branch were brought to guard Temple Trees on the night of 27 January 1962 when the attempted military coup by senior police and reservist military officers was due to be launched.

Since the 1950s the Ceylon Army had assisted the police to guard the Temple Trees and protect the Prime Minister during national crises, such as Hartal 1953 and 1971 JVP Insurrection. Even in peace time the armoured corps has maintained an armored detachment at Temple Trees.

With the creation of the Executive Presidency in 1978 the Prime Minister ceased to be the head of government. This reduced the power of the post, however with the escalation of political associations as a result of the Sri Lankan civil war and the JVP Uprising (1988-1989) the security of the Prime Minister increased. For this purpose the Prime Minister's Security Division was officially created in the 1990s with specially trained police officers and Special Task Force personal attached to it.

On January 5, 2000, personal of the PMSD prevented an assassination attempt by a female suicide bomber of the LTTE, the bomber detonated the bomb outside the Prime Minister's Office killing 13 civilians and three police officers attached to the PMSD.

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