Prima Donna (cheese)

Prima Donna is a Dutch cheese brand of Vandersterre Groep.[1] It competes with Parrano, a trademarked brand of Vandersterre's competitor Uniekaas Groep.[2] Like Parrano it combines the flavour of aged Italian Parmesan with the pliant texture of Dutch Gouda cheese.


  1. Gordon Edgar Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge 2010 p178 An older woman with an accent, German Swiss I think, held up a piece of a Dutch cheese that is actually called "Prima Donna." Because of the price of the cheese, we cut it through the middle and then wedge it so we can sell pieces between ...
  2. I. van Blommestein Koken op z'n Italiaans 2001 2nd edition p5 "Oude of overjarige Goudse kaas - die breder verkrijgbaar is dan verse Parmezaanse - is een prima vervanger. Deze kaas komt u in dit boek dan ook even vaak tegen. ... gerechten. Hij is in de handel onder de namen Parrano en Prima Donna."

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