Prilep Municipality

Municipality of Prilep
Општина Прилеп
Urban municipality


Coat of arms
Country  Macedonia
Region Pelagonia Statistical Region
Municipal seat Prilep
  Mayor Marjan Risteski (VMRO-DPMNE)
  Total 1,194.44 km2 (461.18 sq mi)
  Total 76,768
  Density 64.27/km2 (166.5/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Area code(s) 048
car plates PP

Prilep (Macedonian: Прилеп [ˈpriːlɛp]) is a municipality in southern Republic of Macedonia. Prilep is also the name of the city where the municipal seat is found. It is located in the Pelagonia Statistical Region.


The municipality borders Čaška and Dolneni municipalities to the north, Kavadarci Municipality to the east, Krivogaštani, Mogila and Novaci municipalities to the west, and Greece to the south.

The municipality spreads over the northeastern part of the Pelagonia valley, it takes contains much of the Mariovo region.


The population of the municipality is 76,768 of whom approximately 70,000 live in the municipality center Prilep, the rest live in the villages of the municipality.[1]

According to the last national Macedonian census from 2002 the majority in the municipality is represented by the ethnic Macedonians, 70,878 (92.3%). Other ethnic groups include: Romani (4,433), Turks (917), Serbs (172), Bosniaks (86), Albanians (22), Vlachs (17), and others (243).

Inhabited places

The number of the inhabited places in the municipality is 59. There is one city and 58 villages.


  1. 2002 census results in English and Macedonian (PDF)

Coordinates: 41°17′16″N 21°40′33″E / 41.2878°N 21.6758°E / 41.2878; 21.6758

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