Prilep-Bitola dialect

Dialectal divisions of Macedonia.
Дијалектни примери
Peter's Mourning
Folk epic told by a resident of Topolčani, Prilep region

The Pebble Stew
Tale told by a woman from the city of Bitola

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The Prilep-Bitola dialect (Macedonian: Прилепско-битолски дијалект, Prilepsko-bitolski dijalekt) is a member of the central subgroup of the western group of dialects of the Macedonian language. This dialect is spoken in much of the Pelagonia region (more specifically, the Bitola, Prilep, Kruševo and Demir Hisar municipalities), as well as by the Macedonian-speaking minority population in and around Florina (Lerin)[1][2] in neighbouring Greek Macedonia. The Prilep-Bitola dialect, along with other peripheral west-central dialects, provides much of the basis for modern Standard Macedonian.[3] Prestige dialects have developed in the cities of Bitola and Prilep.

Phonological characteristics

The phonological characteristics of the Bitola-Prilep dialect which can also be found in the other peripheral dialects are:

rǫka > рака /ˈraka/ ('hand')
ex. Proto-Slavic *kĺučь > [ˈklut͡ʃ] in Bitola sub-dialects, [ˈkɫut͡ʃ] in Prilep sub-dialects
Megleno-Romanian fustan /ˈfustan/ > вустан /ˈvustan/ ('ladies' dress')
Ottoman Turkish فوطة /ˈfuta/ > вута /ˈvuta/ ('apron')
Ottoman Turkish فرنا /ˈfuɾna/ > вурна /ˈvurna/ ('bakehouse, masonry oven')
/ˈlɛbɔvi//ˈlɛbɔi/ (realized as [ˈlɛbɔi̯] ~ [ˈlɛbɔj])
  • and in most other positions, e.g. то(в)ар:[5]
/ˈtɔvar//ˈtɔar/ (realized as [tɔa̯r])
  • certain short words (conjunctions, pronouns, determiners, etc.) have undergone further elision, ex.:
/ˈsɛga/ (→ /ˈsɛa/) → [sa(ː)] ('now')
*/ˈtɔva/ (→ /ˈtɔa/) → [tɔ(ː)] (indic. pron. 'that')
/ˈkɔga/ (→ /ˈkɔa/) → [kɔ(ː)] (interr. pron. 'when')
[ɡɣaː] for [ˈɡɫava] (глава, 'head') and [ˈsɣama] for [ˈsɫama] (слама, 'straw')
чаша /ˈt͡ʃaʃa/ ('cup') is realized as [ˈt͡ʃɛ̞ʃa]
жаба /ˈʒaba/ ('frog') is realized as [ˈʒɛ̞ba]

Morphological characteristics

Typical Words


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