Preston Bus

Preston Bus

Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B5L in Preston in May 2013
Parent Rotala
Founded June 1904
Headquarters Preston
Service area Preston
Service type Bus services
Fleet 102 (February 2014)
Chief executive Bob Dunn

Preston Bus[1] is a bus operator running within the city of Preston, England. It is a subsidiary of Rotala. It gained some notoriety in 2009 when the Competition Commission ordered Stagecoach to sell it.


Preserved Leyland Olympian in the livery introduced in the 1970s
East Lancs Lolyne bodied Dennis Trident 2 in Blackpool in April 2009 in Preston Bus livery with Stagecoach signwriting
Optare Solo leaving Chorley Interchange for Preston in March 2013

Preston Bus was founded in June 1904 as Preston District Travel and operated a number of services in the Preston area. To comply with the Transport Act 1985, in 1986 the assets were transferred to a new legal entity, Preston Borough Transport Limited.[1] In 1993 it was sold in a management buyout.[2]

In 2006, Preston Bus was subject to some high profile competition from Stagecoach North West. Competition escalated into a bus war[3] with Stagecoach offering lower fares on the busiest routes.[4]

The managing director of Preston bus was concerned Stagecoach could force his company out of business.[5]

Both companies accused each other of unprofessional behaviour.[6] On 10 June 2008, both companies agreed to a code of practice by the traffic commissioner.[7] The competition continued, with Stagecoach operating routes within Preston and Preston Bus commencing a service between Preston and Penwortham, and a limited service between Preston and Southport, duplicating existing Stagecoach routes.

On 23 January 2009, Preston Bus was sold to Stagecoach.[8][9][10]

The routes operated by Preston Bus were rebranded as Stagecoach in Preston from March 2009.

In November 2009 the Competition Commission ruled that the takeover by Stagecoach had adversely affected competition in the area and ordered Stagecoach sell Preston Bus.[11][12][13]

Following this ruling, the Preston Bus name and logo was reinstated and the company was operated at arms length from the main Stagecoach business. In January 2011 Preston Bus was sold to Rotala.[14][15][16]


The Preston Bus fleet was originally all double deckers, but latterly the company moved to single deckers and minibuses, with the most common vehicle in 2008 being the Optare Solo midibus.

As at February 2014 the fleet consisted of 102 buses.[17] Until the 1970s fleet livery was cream and red when a blue and cream scheme was introduced. Upon the sale to Rotala a cream, green and blue livery was introduced in 2011.

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