Predigerkirche (Erfurt)

Erfurt's Predigerkirche, east facade
The inside of the church
The Meister Eckhart portal of Predigerkirche

Predigerkirche ("Preacher's Church") is a Protestant church in Erfurt, Germany. It is a monastic church to the Dominican friary, Predigerkloster, adjacent to the church. Predigerkirche was originally built by the Dominican Order in the 13th century, when the mystic Meister Eckhart was prior here. The church only became a Protestant church after the Reformation. The original building was modified in 134050, and the bell tower was built between 1447 and 1488. Around 1806 Predigerkirche was used as a POW camp, which led to damage to the interior and the equipment. Repairs were made around 1826.

The first organ of Predigerkirche was installed in 1567, built by Heinrich Compenius der Ältere. His grandson Ludwig Compenius built a new, Baroque style organ by 1650; it was the largest and most expensive organ in the city. Today, Predigerkirche uses a Schuke organ built in 1978. Organists who worked at Predigerkirche include the following:

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Coordinates: 50°58′36″N 11°1′45″E / 50.97667°N 11.02917°E / 50.97667; 11.02917

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