Prague Fringe Festival

Prague Festival Fringe
Genre Arts festival
Location(s) Prague, Czech Republic
Years active 2001-present
Founded 2001

The Prague Fringe Festival is an annual event held every May and June in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a fringe festival, on the model of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.[1] Founded in 2001, by Steven Gove,[1] who lives in Prague, and Angus Coull who was then based there, as well as Newcastle-based Carole Wears. The festival brings more than 200 artists in about 45 shows to produce a wide variety of interesting works in alternative theatre, dance, music and comedy outside the mainstream.

The Prague Fringe Festival takes place in eight venues, varying from the backroom of a bar to a full proscenium arch theatre, with several different performances in each space each day.


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